We try to update every Saturday, usually around midnight CST.

Lines: 2584/38142 (6.77%)
kb: 189/2921 (6.47%)
Last update: 01/03/13

Lines: 2584/38142 (6.77%)
Last update: 2/28/13


37 thoughts on “Progress

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  3. Deathfire

    Is it possible for you guys to also post what route you are currently translating once you finish the common route?

  4. Deathfire

    Will you guys be releasing partial patches of any kind or wait until all translation and editing is complete to release? I’m fine with either, just want to report to the folks back at erogegames

      1. Deathfire

        Thank you for the hasty reply, I’ve been posting all the updates on erogegames, and I’ll continue to hype up the game until it’s release! Until then, GANBARE!~ and PENGUINS!~

      2. lurker

        If I’m remembering the right company wouldn’t that also be pretty much identical to the contents of the demo? You don’t have to check but I’m fairly certain that was the case (and I think most VA demos get through applehq’s RLdev without needing a key).

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  7. Deathfire

    Let us know if you’re having any problems and are unable to translate for a while ^.^ it’s better than being left in the dark.

    1. eternal Post author

      We’re around, yeah. Translator is finishing up exams this week and I think we have most of the common route rough translated (but not updated on here for some reason).

      1. KidBuu

        I’m really glad that it’s still alive. And i would be grateful if u would tell me where u will update ur progress in the future. This will make me feel relieved knowing it’s still alive. By the way, good luck with ur works.

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    1. Deathfire

      Just checked the twitter page… it’s gone. I’m going to assume that the project is dead and tell everyone such

      1. Urusu Kayami

        Oh no, we’re still here. I had a busy semester and so far a busy summer but I’ve still been translating when I can, just holding off on the updates until we have something significant down. Also like half of us changed twitter names, maybe we should update that.

  9. Xiora

    It may be worth it to post the progress you’ve made just to assuage us that this project is still, in fact, alive. Lack of progress shown makes me fear that the project is either: a) dead, or b) stalled, and the later leads me to suspect that former will occur without us being informed, leaving me holding out hope for a project that will never reach completion.

    1. eternal

      We knooow. If we were really dead, we wouldn’t still be replying to all the comments asking if we were dead. There were a lot of personal things in the way for the last month or two, but I think I’ll ask the translator to start updating status regularly again because it does seem that people are getting antsy. I’m not sure how much we’ll reveal in our eventual “lol we’re not dead” blog post since there’s some confusing personal stuff involved, but bottom line is we’re not fully dead unless you see us vanish from twitter.

  10. Zlaz

    Hi, just a question, seeing all the replies I can tell that the project isn’t dead but what is the progress? And I just found this page today so… is the progress for Natsuyume Nagisa or School Defense Force Hotokenser?

  11. Tommy

    are you guys still translating? just wondering, cause i’ll just wait for the english translation if its coming soon :3

  12. Deathfire

    *sigh* I wish this translation was still a thing. It probably is stalled if not dead but they’re too proud to admit it.

  13. KidBuu

    It’s been a long time without any update. Would u guys pls leave some messages for starving fans about whether this project is still alive or dead. If u guys cant keep this up, just admit drop it so other groups can pick it up. It’s so frustrating for just remaining silence.

  14. yingyo360

    Are you guys still working on the two projects you announced? I just discovered this group and was thrilled to know that you guys are translating Natsuyume Nagisa, I always wanted to play the game but could not on account of not being able to read Japanese, nor could I even get the game to work on my computer(s) in the past anyways due to the software somehow detecting I did not have a JP copy of Windows, which would promptly quit the program after displaying the error message.
    I hope you guys are still working on it, but if not I understand, translating a game is hard and long work, no one should blame you for giving up part way through. ^^


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