Project Announcement: School Defense Force Hotokenser


Good evening, internet! Despite our lack of updates, we at Priorities Translations have been hard at work for the past few months. So much so, in fact, that we have an entirely new project to announce! We will be translating Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser, an all-ages super sentai-themed otome game.

Yeah, really.

Here’s a brief, no doubt enticing plot summary:

At the request of her late father’s friend, Ootori Kureha (name changeable) is transferring to a new school. But on the day of her transfer, the chairman of the school–that very friend of her late father–tells Kureha that she’s the leader of the Hotokenser, Hotoken Red!

And so Kureha is given the task of gathering the remaining members of Hotokenser and fighting off the evil spirits that roam the school. But are those remaining members willing to cooperate? This is a fiery story of demons, transformations, and love!

Are you excited? You should be excited! But if NatsuNagi is more up your alley than (allegedly) hot guys and super sentai parody, rest assured that the project has not been dropped. Look forward to it!



17 thoughts on “Project Announcement: School Defense Force Hotokenser

    1. eternal Post author


      We actually do have a bit more of the NatsuNagi script rough translated (might be the rest of the common route? I forgot). Updates are sort of sporadic.

  1. Olivia

    Just saw this now :) As I don’t know Japanese, I’ve always wanted to play this game, but couldn’t. So this is fantastic news and I’d be so happy to finally be able to play this game^^ How is the progress on this project going so far? Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

    1. Olivia

      The reason I’m asking about progress, is because from the comments, people are talking about an April Fool’s joke..? I sincerely hope not LOL. Once again, thanks for your hard work <3

      1. Olivia

        OMG You seriously have no idea how happy that makes me! As a huge otome fan who doesn’t know Japanese, playing translated otome games is such a rarity. Plus, I’ve heard this game is super funny too (duh it’s sentai-themed LOL). So thank you SO much for doing this and I wish you the best of luck! Definitely looking forward to it^^

        BTW, I was wondering, I know you said progress must be kept secret, but do you think you’ll be able to release it this year? If that’s a secret too, then you don’t have to say haha. Also, do you guys mind if I post this on my blog, so more people might know about it? If you don’t want me to though, I completely understand :)

      2. eternal

        This year? I wanna say “definitely” but our progress tends to get disrupted by personal stuff. Still, it’s a short game so I expect so.

        And sure, you can post about it. We’re mostly trying to stay off the VNTLs tracker for the sake of making the eventual release seem more random to the VN community as a whole.

      3. Olivia

        Oh I see, well that’s good^^ Sooner the better cause patience is not a virtue of mine lol. But seriously, I hope you guys will be able to have steady progress and release it soon!
        And hmm, if a surprise is your intention,, I won’t say anything then :)

  2. Hana

    Wait is this still being continued? I was soo looking forward to seeing a translation for Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser! Please update us! Thank you :)

    1. wertyui

      Please, just close this blog, its a waste of time. And are you guys attention whores? If you start something, don’t leave it hanging. Like you’re balls.


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