Project Announcement: Natsuyume Nagisa

We are proud to announce that our translation of Natsuyume Nagisa is now underway. It has penguins and shit.

Our (supah) hacker still has a couple of issues to take care of (like a few scripts not extracting/recompiling properly), but since most of the scripts have been extracted we can finally get some work done. Our translator has already started work on the prologue + common route. Our sugoi~ image editor has also finished up a good amount of the image editing work.

For questions and whatnot, our contact info is on the About page. Do not pester us about translation progress; we will do our best to keep you updated about the project.

We have also subbed the visual novel’s OP. Enjoy your [KOTOKO sounds].


25 thoughts on “Project Announcement: Natsuyume Nagisa

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  4. John Sabater

    Well I finished playing Natsuyume Nagisa using TA and ITH It was a good story.
    Good to see a group working on this VN. Just to remind you guys youll have go through a lot just to unlock the main,s protag route …(AYUME). All is well in the end is that matter. Gud luck to the group !!!

    1. eternal Post author

      Congrats on finding us after all these years! No idea how that happened, haha. Imagine my surprise at the email notification.

      Sorry, the project was dropped. We started at a bad time (near the end of college), and at this point I don’t think translating for free is on anyone’s minds.


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